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Our unique pilot project is developing a new approach to maximising donor lifetime value.

It's the closest thing to having a crystal ball !

Join us at F&P Forum 2021 in the Donor Retention/Innovation stream to hear all about it.

The global marketplace for donations is fiercely competitive. Trends show giving is declining in many key markets. The cost of acquiring and retaining donors is increasing. Managers require far deeper insights, and rapidly, into the overall costs and return of fundraising campaigns. They need to know what will drive the success or failure of specific campaigns.

How do we achieve this? Instead of looking back, we need to look ahead. We need to embrace predictive modelling.

Join us to learn about a unique pilot project with the Australian Red Cross in partnership with a leading academic from Melbourne Business School and Catalyst Management.

Discover how they applied the concept of lifetime value to the donor environment, allowing them to calibrate the returns on campaign costs.

Building on techniques and insights developed over 20 years with many charities including Royal Blind Society (now Vision Australia), Multiple Sclerosis Limited and the Heart Foundation, the team has now developed a unique donor lifetime value (DLV) analytics tool to help you quickly understand the campaign factors that drive success to maximise return on investment and income.

The next exciting phase, to be executed over 2021-22, will leverage individual donor characteristics to predict donor lifetime value. This will move us beyond predictive analytics – ‘what will happen’ – to prescriptive – ‘how can we make it happen’. Not only can charities predict how donors will react to campaigns, but they will be able to identify what to do to optimise activity and achieve the highest return on investment.

Join us at 11.20am at the F&P Forum on 2 September 2021. Click for registration details.

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