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Planned giving: little understood, little practiced – so much potential

Many Australian fundraisers think ‘planned giving’ is just gifts-in-wills. However, it is so much more.

In the USA and UK, planned giving is a much more developed area of fundraising and philanthropy. This is an opportunity for Australian fundraisers.

As the financial services industry in Australia becomes more sophisticated, new techniques under the umbrella of planned giving could potentially become available.

Lawrence Jackson compares planned giving practices in Australia to the UK and USA and reveals what needs to change in Australia for the true power of planned giving to be unleashed.





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Chicken Soup for the Fundraisers Soul

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How Covid taught us to  be better fundraisers with Mark Phillips of Bluefrog Fundraising, London

(1 hr)

Catalyst Management hosted a Special Response webinar in April 2022 showcasing the work of 3 non-profits in Ukraine and how Australia could  help

(1 hr)

Catalyst Management and the Charity Reputation Index present the results of 2021's Charity Reptrak Study

(1 hr)

Check out our series of webinars with local and international industry leaders, held online during the 2020 pandemic, on how to survive and thrive in uncertain times

Each webinar runs for about 1 hour.