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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Palestinian Ventilators Appels June/July 2020

Project Rozana is a charitable health initiative that raises funds to train Palestinian health professionals, transport patients to hospitals in Israel and treat Palestinian children in Israeli hospitals.

When the covid-19 virus impacted the West Bank and Gaza, Project Rozana responded to the call for help to raise funds for critical life support, invasive ventilators, equipment, training for Palestinian health professionals and facilities for the Palestinian territories.

Catalyst Management was engaged in June 2020 to run a 2-month global online fundraising appeal, in Australia, USA, Canada, UK and Israel, with a target of USD 400,000 and USD 200,000 in matched funding, using the Mycause platform.

The Challenge:

Create and launch a global online appeal with a target of USD 400,000 in 9 days

Key Figures

USD 403,482 Raised

USD 400,000 Target

596 Online donors

USD 341 Average online donation USD 200,000 Matched funds

5 Countries 12 Ambassadors

26 Fundraising Champions

"Mounting a global fundraising campaign was certainly the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken. Complex and challenging. There was no way we could have succeeded without Catalyst’s professional management. They also provided a level of unexpected “over and above” support in key markets – especially in the UK. In that market Catalyst opened doors to donors and activists who we would not have otherwise known about.

I would say that our success in the UK was almost entirely due to Catalyst’s “insider” knowledge. I have no hesitation in recommending Lawrence and his team for the management of this kind of key crowdfunding campaign."


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