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Give with Heart Day

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

A New Initiative

Give with Heart is a 24 hour online fundraising challenge that aims to rally the community throughout Australia to give generously to the Heart Foundation and help fund important research which could help save lives.

In 2018, Catalyst Management worked with the Heart Foundation to identify and prototype the concept, and then pilot the campaign launch in 2018, and was at hand to guide the second event in 2019.

Give with Heart Day creates a sense of urgency for donors with the 24-hour time-limited campaign, with the incentive of matching all donations.

Catalyst Management provided expert advice and guidance on the second annual implementation of an appeal they introduced to the Heart Foundation in 2018.

Key Metrics 2019

Raised: $3.556 million

Target : $3.5 million

New donors: 1,412

Direct mail : 7.6% conversion

Average donation : $74

(33% up YOY)

"I have worked with Lawrence Jackson for over 5 years in various projects covering fundraising review, data analysis and strategy development, to digital innovation and program development.

Catalyst Management provide high level client focused services, and never stint in promoting cutting edge concepts and ideas to clients.

Their Philanthrocrat user group has proven to be a lasting and valued forum for the industry to share stories and assist each other to strive for best practice in fundraising".


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