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A Global Innovation

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) celebrated its centenary in 2018. It had been looking at how to encourage global giving for a number of years and wanted to leverage the 100th anniversary and the reputation of iconic founders such as Albert Einstein. They wanted to bring together international friends and alumni as well as cultivate a culture of philanthropy and fundraising in the institution and especially with younger supporters.

They wanted a global innovation and knew that their first giving day on 24 July 2018 must be a success.

Catalyst Management was engaged to provide independent and specialist advice on digital philanthropy.

We worked with the university team and international stakeholders to co-develop a global campaign on the Hubbub platform with the objectives of increased donor engagement, innovation, global reach, and of course, a fundraising target of US$1 million (AUD1.4 million).

The Challenge:

Roll out a Million-dollar Giving Day in multiple countries, languages and currencies

Key Figures

USD 1.36m raised (AUD 1.92m)

4 languages and 6 currencies

Matched funds of USD 500,000

139 ambassadors

607 donations, 362 new donors

30% under budget

"We understood that the first giving day must be a success and that we needed independent and specialist advice, and Lawrence Jackson’s digital philanthropy consultancy, Catalyst Management, was selected to assist. All the specific campaign objectives were met including: being the first university in Israel to undertake a global giving day; over 600 donations received from 16 countries; the first time a global collaboration of this nature was undertaken by HUJI friends and alumni groups around the world.

This also served as an exciting international celebration on the actual 100-year anniversary of our founding." F&P Magazine #79


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