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Is your charity missing out on a significant source of income?

Join me at the Fundraising Institute of Australia 2021 Conference, 24 to 26 February for our on-demand session:

I am proud to lead an eminent international panel in exploring how to significantly expand giving to your charity from estate-based activities – learn the important differences between bequest marketing and planned giving, and how to optimise your practices from those who do it best.

Learn about how you can innovate and optimise a source of untapped philanthropy.

Learn where a great opportunity lies: the growth of planned giving in Australia

Understand what’s getting in the way of your success in increasing gifts through planned giving.

Learn about a proven values-based legacy planning program that will help you increase the number of legacy and structured gifts to your organisation

Find out how to innovate to adapt your practices to increase gifts in this vital but under-optimised area of philanthropy

Leave this session inspired and empowered to take action, when you see how and why others are optimising relationship legacy fundraising successfully.

Our session is in the ON DEMAND stream, so watch at your convenience.

Contact us to explore how you can also take action and optimise your relationship legacy fundraising successfully.

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