The Role of Marketing in the Social Sector


Framing the conversation and setting the context

Lawrence Jackson

Friday 2 August 2013

Who am I to talk?


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) UNSW

  • Direct Marketing Certificate (ADMA)

  • Executive MBA (AGSM)

  • Adjunct Member of Faculty, AGSM (Marketing Principles)


  • Royal Blind Society

  • Benevolent Society

  • NSW Jewish Communal Appeal

  • University of Sydney

  • Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children

Consulting: 20 + organisations since 2006

Broadening the concept of marketing

Marketing is a pervasive societal activity that goes considerably beyond the selling of toothpaste, soap and steel. Political contests remind us that candidates are marketed as well as soap. Student recruitment in college reminds us that higher education is marketed; and fundraising reminds us that “causes’ are marketed...[Yet no] attempt is made to examine whether the principles of “good” marketing in traditional product areas are transferable to the marketing of services, products and ideas.

Kotler & Levy

“Broadening the Concept of Marketing”, Journal of Marketing 1969

Marketing causes

Marketing ideas

Who owns the "Occupy Wall Street" brand?

Marketing Obama

Marketing for God

Hillsong – Australia’s most powerful brand

Hillsong is a multi-million dollar global brand with a massive following, particularly among the young.

What can marketers learn from this fast-growing faith factory as it turns 30, asks Robin Hicks,

mumBRELLA, July 23, 2012

Or the "Anti-God"!

The need for "NFP Marketing"